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LASIK Frequently Asked Questions

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LASIK Frequently Asked Questions Empty LASIK Frequently Asked Questions

Mensaje  jimamily el Vie Jun 25, 2010 7:18 pm

LASIK surgery is a very popular medical procedure, with more than 10 million recipients in the last 25 years worldwide. Today, dramatic advances in medical technology have moved this surgery into a whole new arena, making vision correction possible for people who were once told they would never qualify for LASIK or similar procedures.

If you’re considering LASIK surgery, you’ve probably got questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding LASIK surgery:

* What is LASIK surgery exactly?
* What can I expect during LASIK surgery?
* Is recovery painful?
* Are my activities restricted after LASIK surgery?
* How much will my vision improve?
* What if I have astigmatism?
* What if I don’t qualify for LASIK surgery?

LASIK Frequently Asked Questions


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